An industry-leading full-service provider of semiconductor design IP

Based in Plano, Texas, Aragio specializes in design solutions for
I/O system interface cells used for package interconnect.

We Provide

  • Silicon-proven I/O library solutions with robust electrostatic discharge protection for complex integrated circuit pad ring designs.
  • Uniform I/O pad sets for a wide range of applications, semiconductor foundries and technologies.
  • Custom digital and analog IC design.

We own all our IP, and nearly all the IP we’ve developed since we were established in 2003 is still in demand and will likely remain so for at least a decade.

We have developed unique ESD protection and high latch-up immunity IP for system interface circuits, enabling high-performance operation for many interfaces (including USB 2.0, Ethernet, LVDS and DDR) as well as RF and analog ESD protection circuitry. Our innovative integrated circuit technology also enables the silicon-efficient I/O libraries that are required in many ASICs and SoCs. And we have an outstanding record of silicon success on numerous CMOS process nodes.

Aragio also provides thorough consultative analysis to support your design of system interface circuits and related ESD protection IP. Our I/O library solution offers a broad offering of I/O functionality, providing flexibility for designers and support for a range of performance targets that include wide-range voltage operation, slew rate control, Schmitt trigger and pull-up/pull-down options.

Our suite of I/O library solutions includes the following I/O cells:

Standard I/O System Interface Circuits and Specialty I/O
  • Input Cells
  • Output Cells
  • Bi-directional I/O Cells
  • Analog Input
  • Breaker Cells
  • Spacer Cells
  • Corner Cells
  • Power and Ground Cells
  • HSTL Class I & II (125 MHz)
  • SSTL_2 Class I & II (125 MHz)
  • SSTL_18
  • LVDS (100 and 500 MHz)
  • SubLVDS
  • Mobile DDR
  • PCI 3.0
  • PCI-X @ 133 MHz
  • Ethernet GMII/RGMII
  • USB 1.1
  • USB 2.0 PHY Interface
  • NAND/Flash Interface
  • RF and Specialized Analog I/O
  • DDR 3/4 Interfaces
  • ONFI 4.1